Askuity: App To Help Boost Retail Sales

Askuity is a cloud based platform that automatically consolidates all retail point of sale data to produce insightful dashboards and customisable sales reports. Eric Green and Neal Sherman launched the company in 2014. By early 2017, Askuity had obtained $2 million in Series A funding, in addition to $1.8 in seed investment.

Among the core features of Askuity is its ability to highlight the most important trends in customers’ sales data and spot opportunities to optimise merchandise assortment by region. The platform is accessible via mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Askuity provides automated inventory reporting and integrated forecasting and budgeting. It can analyse historical POS data, allowing easy discovery of the most profitable cashflow channels. Customers can automatically get consolidated point of sale data for each of their retailers, including data from vendor portals, EDI feeds, or spreadsheets. The platform tracks stocks at store level, while users can get insights related to seasonality and turn rates, and act in accordance with the analytical data.

One of the powerful features of Askuity is its ability to group products and stores in a variety of ways to suit customer needs. For instance, users can group pilot stores for a new product launch or group SKUs into product lines.

The cloud platform can also overlay point of sale data with promotions, pinpointing profitable promotions and revealing the most engaged regions.

By Kiril V Kirlov

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