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Big data and the cloud both offer promising potential for companies big and small. In many ways big data and the cloud are all about empowerment, big data allows companies to glean more information, for example, and cloud technologies make online collaboration easy. Many of the best big data solutions, however, are simply too expensive and too complex for smaller businesses and organizations (let alone individuals).

One company that is showing a lot of potential in regards to empowerment is BigBoards. This company offers a tantalizing all-in-one hardware and software solution, the BigBoardsHex. The Hex is essentially a miniaturized data center than you can set up right on your desk, and costs less than 2,500 euro, making it affordable for even small businesses.

This portable cluster allows people to quickly and easily access a variety of custom big data apps, which the company calls “tints.” These Tints are offered through the company’s library of software apps, called the Tint library, which features a range of software solutions.


(Image Source: BigBoards SpiderHex)

In a certain sense, BigBoards reminds me of Apple. Like Apple, BigBoards is focusing on developing hardware-software combinations, which will give the company a high level of control over the quality of their products. Simply put, the company will be able to ensure that its hardware and software is in perfect sync with one another.

Also like Apple, BigBoards is focusing on ease of use. When it comes to Big Data, many non-experts are intimidated, both by the mass of data, and trying to figure out what hardware and software is needed to process it. BigBoads offers an easy-to-use, ready-to-go data processing solution that works right out of the box. Just plug it in, and connect to it through wi-fi, and you’re ready to get started.

daanBigBoards is based out of Belgium, and right now it is focused on the European market. Given how promising their solutions look, however, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they emerged as a global player. The company is headed by (CTO) Daan Gerits, an experienced software architect and key organizer behind, one of Belgium’s leading big data communities and Wim Van Leuven who brings 16 years of software development to the company.

BigBoards has already drawn quite a bit of attention. Earlier this year the company won the audience award at the Startup Showcase at Strata + Hadoop World – London 2015. This event is among the premier big data events in the world, and the organizer went as far as to call BigBoards “the most tangible thing in this Big Data world of 0’ and 1’s”.

By Brian Brinker

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