Branded Packages

Sponsorship Packages with Branded Pages

Make certain that clients see you in the best light. CloudTweaks Connect presents a simple, user-friendly content page that showcases your best people, delivers your most engaging and popular content and provides up-to-the-minute social feeds to provide a snapshot of a dynamic, growing company.

Choose from a Basic connected branded page to Spotlight branded pages. There are no setup fees, simply standard monthly costs that delivers greater reach and richer content to your audience...

Startups and Small Businesses

Mini Sponsorship Package 
Complete Advertising Placement Includes: 
  • 2 Press Releases (Published on CloudTweaks homepage)
  • 2 Basic Sponsored Posts (500 words - Published on CloudTweaks homepage)
  • 5 Social Media Amplification Mentions
  • Contact Form
  • Basic Vendor Listing
  • Mobile Responsive

Medium & Enterprise Sized Businesses

Full Sponsorship Package
Complete Advertising Placement Includes: 
  • 5 Press Releases or Whitepapers (Published on CloudTweaks homepage)
  • 5 Basic Sponsored Post (750 words - Published on CloudTweaks homepage)
  • 12 Social Media Amplification Mentions
  • Featured Vendor Listing (Front page)
  • Contact Form
  • Corporate Twitter Feed
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Mobile Responsive

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