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Cyber threats become more and more sophisticated with every passing year and companies are being forced to respond with full-time, exhaustive security information and event management (SIEM). Precious resources that would otherwise be deployed in the interests of growth and servicing consumers needs are often diverted to maintaining the security of a network.

BrightPoint Security represents a new approach for your online security by “delivering hyper relevant threat intelligence from across your trusted digital ecosystem. Relevant threats are identified in minutes instead of months through the process of automatically curating and correlating threat data from behind your perimeter fences, behind the defenses of trusted organizations and from external sources.”

bright-point-anne-bonaparteThe company works out of San Mateo, California and is led by Anne Bonaparte, the President and CEO, who this year was named as the Female Executive of the Year in the 2015 Stevie Awards for Women in Business. Ms. Bonaparte holds an MBA from Harvard and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Stanford and has previously served as the CEO of Solidcore Systems, Tablus, and MailFrontier.

The BrightPoint philosophy is that, in order to win the battle against cybercrime, enterprises need to rethink their security strategies and work together to combat the enemy. As such, the company partners extremely closely with providers such as Apache Hive / Hadoop, CarbonBlack, HP/Arcsight and many other truster providers in order to ‘rapidly identify indicators of compromise that need your attention.’

In early December 2015, the company announced a new release of its Sentinel platform which ‘provides immediate evidence-based predictive insight with risk-prioritized threat scoring.’ Detailed data is accessed through the threat-trending dashboard that allows security personnel to drill down and analyze who is being targeted and how to enforce security controls. “Today’s offering helps customers drive security strategy and get the most out of their security investments and resources by now having the ability to respond to the most immediate and relevant impending threats and to mitigate exposure fast,” says BrightPoint CTO Rich Reybok.

BrightPoint Security was formerly known as Vorstack before relaunching as BrightPoint Security in June of 2014 at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit where it announced ‘a new company with new leadership redefining threat intelligence sharing.’

By Jeremy Daniel

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