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The burden of security and regulation makes compliance a burning issue in the migration to the cloud

As the international move to cloud computing platforms gathers pace, the issue of compliance is one that comes up regularly, and is often cited as one of the primary barriers to transition. Today’s high-pressure business environment means companies demand that their data is secure as it moves off-premise and into the cloud, and that it complies with the laws that govern a particular industry.

With the staggering number of rules and regulations that companies must comply with, they are increasingly looking to cloud service providers to manage compliance issues as part of the service. In addition to compliance and rock-solid security, cloud providers must offer their customers with a seamless view of their applications on the cloud, and illustrate how they integrate their cloud offerings with those that remain in a legacy environment.

One of the global cloud leaders to establish a solid reputation in the arena of compliance is CloudMoyo, a cloud-moyo-Manish-Kediaglobal company operating at the critical intersection between their clients and the 21st century technology that keeps them agile and competitive. Cloud Moyo forged its reputation in the high stakes arena of Healthcare and Life Sciences, and as a result it has become a pioneer in the field of cloud compliance. “Moving to the cloud presents huge opportunities for agility and cost savings but most customers find this transition difficult or unnerving because of complex security and compliance challenges,” says Manish Kedia, CEO & President of CloudMoyo. “For example, ongoing updates to regulations such as HIPAA and PPACA challenge healthcare organizations to take a fresh look at risks of their cloud migrations. We can help leverage the cloud while mitigating risk & ensuring data compliance with regulations such as PCI, ITAR, SOX, GLBA, PHI, HIPAA, PPACA, and HITECH.”

Their experience in Healthcare allowed the company to build its Compliant Cloud Framework which can be adapted to any business environment in any sector of the economy. What the Framework does so effectively is to allow CloudMoyo “to host, develop, integrate and migrate to the cloud environment by building the right processes, tools and services, and controls.” By working together with its clients, CloudMoyo assesses the industry landscape and selects the right cloud environment, chooses from a set of tools to match the enterprise requirements and then deploys the processes, tools & services and controls to meet the requirements

This level of detail and expertise brings peace of mind to an organization that its migration to the cloud is in safe, experienced hands. Once the data is safeguarded and compliant with regulations, then cloud service providers can look to broaden the cloud’s impact in a number of distinct areas.


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Companies can have some of the most sophisticated systems ever developed in place, but at the end of the day, the human element is another critical factor in ensuring successful cloud compliance. Both administrators and users need to make sure that they are trained sufficiently on various policies and procedures.

Yet, when it is effectively applied, the cloud can have the very real effect of bringing down costs and simplifying the compliance issue. Once the system is effectively established, then keeping it secure and compliant with governmental and industry regulations is far simpler than it was on legacy systems.

By Jeremy Daniel


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