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Every company should be as secure as the industry leaders with NO exceptions

More and more organizations are placing their faith in the cloud, with both their general everyday and their mission-critical workloads. They trust that the cloud has evolved to a place where their data and processes will be secure while providing all the flexibility and elasticity that defines the cloud in today’s workplace. In its 2015 survey of the Enterprise Cloud, Verizon discovered that 87% of companies surveyed were using the cloud for mission-critical workloads.

tim-prendergastCEO of, Tim Prendergast, writes on the Evident Blog that “We can all agree now that the cloud – public, private, or hybrid – is the future of data centers for organizations large and small, and that meansdeveloping new security technologies that support this future.”

This working environment naturally produced a company like Evident, which provides a security platform that continuously monitors the client’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, automatically identifies security misconfigurations and enables rapid mitigation of risk through guided remediation. In their own words: “Evident is united around the concept that every company, regardless of size, can be as secure in the cloud as leaders like Adobe and Netflix. This became our driving goal: to automate security processes while enforcing security and compliance policies.”

An automated, agentless and nonintrusive security service has many benefits to the customer; effortless migration to the cloud, complete visibility across all AWS accounts, regions and services, a proactive assessment of vulnerabilities and guided step-by-step remedial action when necessary.



(IAM Security Signature Sample/Evident Blog)

The numbers are impressive when it comes to the Evident Security Platform: All 50 AWS Services are protected with results in 5 minutes, over 150 best practices are automated and a staggering 865 000 issues are detected per hour.

The product has been designed for companies both big and small, “From the Fortune 500 to the Fortune 5 000 000”, as it says on their blog, and Evident has already been adopted by organizations as diverse as Adobe, Jobvite and, to name just a few.

Brian Morehead, senior devops architect at Jobvite reports that ‘Evident shows us and pinpoints issues in the way that we’ve configured specific services in our dev, QA and production environments almost instantaneously.’

And it’s not just private organizations that have embraced the work of Evident. The team has also produced a Government Edition which securely delivers Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation to AWS cloud environments. Writing in Signal Magazine, Tim Prendergast explains “Because government servers host so much personal data about Americans, agencies need to have full confidence that when they move to the cloud, security is a top priority.”

The company secured Series A funding of $9.85 million in November of 2014 from Bain Ventures. Managing Director of Bain Ventures, Enrique Salem explained about the funding that “No other solution can deliver this type of comprehensive security for the specific challenges of cloud infrastructure. “

The amount of data produced every day in the business world is staggering and over powering to most people. “Mainstream security strategies and controls were already struggling to keep up with the rapidly evolving threat landscape,” explains Prendergast, “and we are quickly learning that these traditional tools and tactics are mostly – if not completely – inadequate for the challenges we face in cloud computing environments.”

By taking the responsibility off key teams and automating the processes, the Evident solutions free up valuable time and resources that could be better used in other more productive areas.

By Jeremy Daniel

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