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One of the most neglected areas of web development in recent years has been around the actual process of building and designing a brand new website. There have been strides in template-driven web design but too often they are limiting, technical and downright clunky to use. But a Canadian startup called PageCloud is set to launch on December 1st with a product that, at first glance, seems too good to be true. Intuitive, user-friendly, flexible and high-end all at the same time. A new way to create a new web.

Here is PageCloud’s motivation for building this remarkable tool: ‘’The internet was always intended to be a place where anyone in the world can create and share something online. Somewhere along the way, we lost that. It became a read-only experience for the average user, who is left to passively browse and navigate the web. PageCloud treats any web browser as a creative tool, so that anyone seeking to build something online can do so, with ease, confidence, and delight.”

217px-Tobias_Lütke,_ShopifyThe SaaS firm out of Ottawa, Canada has received a tremendous amount of buzz following a breakout performance at TechCrunch Disrupt and has amassed over $6 million in seed funding, most notably from Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke and early stage investment firms Accomplice and Singularity Investments. The hype seems to be justified as the company took over $200 000 in pre-sales during August and has doubled its staff complement to cope with the massive worldwide interest.

Much of the confidence in the company comes from PageCloud CEO Craig Fitzpatrick, a man not afraid to make bold statements like, “We’re going to replace WordPress.” In his bio on the site Fitzpatrick explains his motivation for PageCloud: “I want to create a world where everyone has equal access to be creative, and to share with the rest of the planet. I view it as a basic digital human right to create and share from equal footing – and I believe so much more good will come from that experience.”

And what is the edge that PageCloud has over its competitors? Simply that it makes web design easy for anyone to do. You can drag and drop like never before, import straight from Photoshop into your new site, and even find a site that you like, copy all the elements and then remake it in your own style. The browser is a blank canvas and all you have to exercise is your imagination to make it come to life. In its very impressive startup video from TechCrunch Disrupt, the customization for mobile devices seems effortless as well. Take a look:

PageCLoud is a SaaS platform, accessible via any modern browser. All sites built with PageCloud will be built upon Amazon’s cloud infrastructure, AWS. It’s compatible with most e-commerce providers, offers ‘headless’ CMS and the JavaScript API is totally transparent in edit mode. For answers to any other questions, check out their FAQ’s.

Will the company be able to deliver on all its promises? Only time will tell. But with projections of takeup from customers running 12 months ahead of schedule, it seems that the market is betting on PageCloud getting it right and changing the web design game. Speaking to The Globe and Mail, Fitzgerald admitted that “Pagecloud isn’t necessarily for the ‘1 per cent of people’ who build websites full-time using WordPress or customers who need the services of a web designer to build out their brands, but all the rest”.

By Jeremy Daniel

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