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How often do massive security hacks make front page news? It’s becoming such a common occurrence that many people barely bat an eyelid when a massive breach is announced, even though the risks for companies, consumers, governments is extremely high. Now, one innovative company “Sqrrl” is utilizing big data to build an advanced security platform that will help big organizations ward off threats.


Increasingly, hackers are going after the biggest companies and organizations, recognizing that one chink in an organization’s armor could give them access to massive amounts of confidential data, money, and other valuable assets. And it’s not just the company’s data that is compromised when a breach occurs. Often customers, business partners, and others are put at risk.

Sadly, most on-the-market security solutions are lagging behind hackers. Fact is, a security expert will have to monitor the entirety of a company’s infrastructure, while a hacker only has to find one tiny weak point to exploit. Watching over a massive online infrastructure is extremely difficult for any team of security experts, let alone a lone individual.

That’s what makes Sqrrl so interesting. The company focuses on big data, and is able to “ingest” and encrypt huge amounts of data. Once the data is ingested, the company can connect and perform linked data analysis to give security experts a quick and easy way to identify important assets, events, and actors. This huge amount of data allows organizations to identify weak points, insider threats, and to conduct forensic analysis, among other things.


By leveraging big data, Sqrrl gives security experts the information they need to combat threats. Big data can help level the playing field by making it easier for security experts to manage and work with the vast amounts of data any organization can generate.

Sqrrl isn’t no garage-based startup. Sqrrl is based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Baltimore, Maryland, giving the company access to the massive amount of intellectual talent in Boston, and also access to the Federal government and numerous security firms based in and around DC. Founded in 2012, the company has already attracted investments from leading VC firms Atlas Venture, Matrix Partners, and Rally Ventures.


The company is headed by CEO Mark Terenzoni, who holds 20 years of experience in managing tech companies, and knows his way around the IT field. Adam Fuchs, a cofounder and the CTO, is the brains behind the curtain, using his prior experience with the NSA to ensure that Sqrrl is at the forefront of big data security. The rest of the management team is filled with senior lever managers and tech developers, all of whom carry years of industry experience.

Given the growing importance of big data, and its potential applications in the IT security field, Sqrrl is definitely a company worth keeping an eye on. The Sqrrl platform has the potential to emerge as a leading enterprise security platform, helping organization secure their valuable assets and to prevent future hacks.

By Brian Brinker

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