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With its headquarters located in Mountain View California, the StoryCloud purpose is bold, permission based publishing. It seeks to give control to publishers and artists, as well as bringing users to their content in a social media type friendly environment.

Now the words “content” and “sharing” have long been the Achilles heel of the internet so let’s look at the StoryCloud mission statement in detail, to see how it plans to harmoniously solve this conundrum.

SCLogoStorycloud Inc. provides permission based publishing solutions with real time analytics to own, control, manage, publish, and monetize their digital lives. It develops various applications for businesses and consumers; and offers Minder; a permission based content sharing application.

Founded in 2013 by a number of experienced managers, engineers and financiers bringing a wealth of startup experience, StoryCloud has a number of patents pending to assist in its goal of revolutionising permission based publishing platforms.

StoryCloud CEO Ken Kalb - Head ShotSo what does all this mean in real world terms for the end user? Here is what StoryCloud CEO Ken Kalb had to say; “Share By (StoryCloud Platform Product) is built on the premise that the content you publish is your own, and always will be. Once a content provider uploads content to the platform and sets permissions, she is sent a unique URL which can be shared with whomever she chooses.

On the other hand, once content is published on Facebook, he said, it’s owned by Facebook — and you lose control of it.

We’re trying to build products, software and services to give users complete control of where their content goes so they can determine the destiny of that music, image, doc or piece of media” said Ken Kalb.

StoryCloud offers following lineup of products for those that are conscious of what they share.

  • Chat By StoryCloud: a permission-based messaging platform that allows users to send text, pictures, video and music
  • Read By StoryCloud: a real-time streaming literary content management platform with social networking capabilities
  • View By StoryCloud: a video streaming platform
  • Listen By StoryCloud: a music streaming platform

When users first sign up to “Share By” they will receive 15GB free storage, the system works a bit like conventional cloud storage and a download serviced coupled with a Google analytics style dashboard.


Ken Kalb also plans to introduce an ecommerce platform, where StoryCloud will take a cut of transactions, as well as paid options for more than the initial free 15GB of storage. Dates and prices for the storage upgrade are still yet to be confirmed.

With “Share By” you now have complete control over your content; it’s up to you who sees it as you will have at your disposal a number of filters. You can even set a duration as to how long they can view it, a geographical location such as New York or Toronto as well as the number of times that the content can be viewed downloaded or played.


This all happens with a link which can be shared in the many traditional ways that you would normally do, Facebook SMS and email to name but a few. This could become useful for company product launches where the information is sensitive for example and together with analytics you can begin to see the potential.

It will be interesting to see how StoryCloud fares in this competitive market, with internet users most likely already signed up to a myriad of services for storing and sharing content, such as Evernote, Dropbox and Facebook, which to some degree does allow users to restrict content in terms of who can see new posts.

By David Doyle

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