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Leading cloud security company Threat Stack has launched an exciting new service ‘Oversight’ that promises to add a highly-effective layer of automated security monitoring services. Oversight aims to provide real-time and continuous monitoring of a company’s assets, and to warn customers of potential security threats as they emerge, giving security experts a valuable tool to increase response times and response effectiveness.

CloudTweaks reached out to CEO Brian Ahern for his views on the new Oversight service:

brian-ahernThreat Stack is the only public cloud security solution that leverages behavioral modeling inside the workload (server), in conjunction with log file alerts, to identify insider threats, external threats and data loss, while also assisting clients with regulatory reporting requirements. Other signature-based, vulnerability management and log-only solutions provide insufficient context to real threats inside public cloud workloads. Through a combination of our leading security approach with our world-class InfoSec team, the Oversight managed service allows companies to use their human capital to keep the business moving forward while counting on Threat Stack to monitor their cyber risk.

What makes Oversight interesting is its hands off nature. Fact is, hiring security staff, or contracting staff work out to security firms isn’t cheap. Oversight can keep costs low by automating much of the work. Oversight won’t be able to replace security staff for most companies, but it will add an extra, cost-effective layer of security. Threat Stack also gives its Oversight customers access to security professionals at their own company, who can help customize and adjust the Oversight service to make it highly effective.

Oversight works exclusively with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The service works by continuously monitoring a company’s assets and then reporting when threats crop up. You can think of it as a sort of home security system for a company’s web assets. When a problem arises, the alarms go off and the appropriate parties are notified, allowing them to quickly respond to the threat.


By adding this layer of monitoring, Oversight will make it easier for a company’s security staff to respond quickly and effectively to threats. Rather than having to add more security staff members, Oversight focuses on empowering the security staff a company already has on hand. This will help keep costs low all while increasing performance, which is key for any company operating in a competitive landscape.

Threat Stack’s team consists of numerous industry experts. CEO Brian Ahern has a track record of developing disruptive products and is known industry-wide for his effective and efficient management skills. Ahern’s last role was as the founder and CEO of Industrial Defender, which has since been acquired by Lockheed Martin. CTO Sam Bisbee also brings years of experience, having successfully scaled up SaaS startups, and having served as CXO at Cloudant, which was acquired by IBM. Add in Chris Gervais, the VP for engineering, who likewise has years of experience conducting high level technical development, and Threat Stack’s team clearly has the skills needed to develop their products.

Unsurprisingly, Threat Stack has managed to secure major funding support from a variety of venture firms. Maria Cirino, Managing Partner from .406 Ventures, sits on the company’s board of directors, as does Chris Lynch, a general partner from Atlas Ventures. Threat Stack has also secured partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Redhat, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure, among others. Threat Stack is based out of Boston.

By Brian Brinker

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