Dashbot: engages and retains clients through bot analytics


Since its launch in 2016, Dashbot has been developing an analytics platform for the fast paced bots sector. Founders Jesse Hull, Arte Merritt, and Dennis Yang have secured $2 million of equity funding for their bot analytics software. The company, based in San Francisco, California, aims to provide a solution to developers enabling them to boost client engagement, acquisition, and retention through actionable data.

A distinguishing Dashbot functionality is the platform’s ability to provide bot-specific metrics like sentiment analysis, conversation analytics, and AI response effectiveness, while enabling access to the full chat transcripts. These features run alongside the standard metrics tracked and stored by the platform.

Dashbot offers actionable data tools including Live Person Takeover of chat sessions and Push Notifications for re-engagement. The platform provides native support for Facebook, Slack, Google Home, Alexa, and Kik, and features a generic application programming interface for any conversational app. It generates a variety of Facebook Messenger bots analysis sections by location, gender, and language.

Users can view real time transcripts that also include rich media like videos, audio, locations and other automatically archived data.

The Dashbot platform offers a free pricing plan suitable primarily for beta testing and analysing bot solutions for sales and marketing purposes. Their platform provides market metrics based on data sent to their software, which processes both incoming and outgoing messages. Analytics include responses from customers, increasing engagement and retention rates.

By Kiril V. Kirilov

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