200 State St, Boston, MA 02109, United States
200 State Street Boston Massachusetts 02109 US

Cloudant provides fully managed CouchDB compatible database hosting. It is based in Boston, MA, and was founded in 2008 when 3 MIT physicists were challenged with the task of managing multi-petabyte scale data sets from the Large Hadron Collider. The company has raised over $4 million in combined funding from multiple sources, including Y Combinator and several venture firms. Cloudant has about 40 employees and unknown revenue. Cloudant manages its services using infrastructure from multiple cloud providers, including AWS, Softlayer, Rackpace, Joyent and Windows Azure. The Cloudant database is based on, and compatible with, CouchDB, an Apache project open source database. Key differentiators include a proven track record managing high throughput, distributed database clusters for many large clients; geo-load balancing and multi-master clusters that provide low latency, high availability and scalability; integrated full-text search; multi-tenant and dedicated plans; and their commitment to open source, including BigCouch, a fork of CouchDB.