San Francisco, CA, United States
8411 Market Street San Francisco California 94103 US

DotCloud, based in San Francisco, launched December 2010 as a Y Combinator-funded startup. In 2011, it announced $10 million in venture financing, $800,000 in angel funding and the addition of Yahoo! founder Jerry Yang to its board. It acquired PaaS startup Duostack in May of 2011. The company has about 15 employees and unknown revenue. DotCloud is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) facilitating the deployment and scaling of applications based on common technology stacks. Applications are deployed to the AWS EC2 us-east-1 region, where DotCloud manages lower level administrative tasks. Key differentiators include a support for many popular technology stacks, including node.js, Rails, Python, MySQL and PostgreSQL; simple application scaling such as automated MySQL master/slave deployment; and an architecture that is minimally intrusive to applications (e.g. full support for standard libraries). DotCloud is an active contributor to the open-source community, having released many parts of its core technology, including: Docker � a Linux container runtime; ZeroRPC � a light-weight library for distributed server-side process communication; and Hipache � a distributed HTTP and websocket proxy.