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95 S. Market Street, Ste. 648 San Jose, CA 95113
95 South Market Street San Jose California 95113 US

NephoScale has developed an industry leading cloud platform that provides customers advanced orchestration capabilities for deploying high performance SSD 10 Gbps Virtual and Baremetal Servers, Cloud Storage, and Private Cloud environments. The cloud management platform allows customers to provision services using a single pane UI, a RESTful API, or a template based solution called CloudScript.

NephoScale designed the platform so that customers may have both virtual and baremetal services run on the same broadcast domain both within a single DC or across geographic locations. Similarly, customers can create a custom server image and deploy these across both virtual and baremetal servers in any of their DC locations from a single pane control panel.

NephoScale works with all customers to provide solutions for both virtual and baremetal servers that may be customized with SSD drives, PCIe flash cards and GPU controllers. Their Private Cloud deployments support any platform – including their own NephOS, VMWare, and Openstack. NephoScale is passionate about providing customers the best experience and performance of any cloud service providers from the initial engagement through full scale production deployments.