Flic: Wireless Shortcut Button Replaces NFC Tag

Pranav Kosuri, Joacim Westlund, and Amir Sharifat launched Shortcut Labs in 2014 to develop shortcuts to mobile device digital functions. Their core product is Flic, a wireless push button launching preconfigured tasks on a user’s phone. The company started with seed funding of $800,000 at a $5,000,000 valuation.

The Flic button works via a downloadable app that installs on the user’s smartphone. The app runs on Android 4.4+ and iOS 9+. According to Shortcut Labs, adding a few lines of code allows most apps and devices to work with Flic. Connection is through Bluetooth. Users set up commands that manage different apps and features. Commands involve single or double clicks, or continuous pressure. They can manage more than 40 smartphone apps and features.

Basic Flic button functions include rejecting incoming calls, replying to incoming calls with a text, and launching navigation with directions. Users can start and stop other applications, send emergency location data to friends and family, or use the button as a camera trigger. Flic gives visual notification of calls, texts, and emails with built in LEDs.

After connecting a smartphone or tablet, Flic can activate predefined functions that can either trigger an action directly on the device – like making a loud sound to find it – or perform actions like turning on a light or starting music on the stereo. Working range is about 150 feet (50 metres) from a mobile device or smartphone.

Shortcut Labs run an affiliate program for merchants interested in selling Flic.

By Kiril V Kirlov

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