KoreConX Offers A Free Solution For Raising Equity

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KoreConX provides a free all-in-one solution offering stakeholders secure communication during equity capital raising. The Toronto startup has attracted $1 million equity funding in two rounds since its 2013 launch by Jason Futko and Oscar Jofre.

Their solution offers tools for collaboration between companies and stakeholders through a platform that stores and provides access to corporate and shareholder information enabling users to check if a company meets regulatory duties.

The platform covers and integrates processes and procedures like raising equity/debt capital, M&A, and board meetings. It acts as a single input point for corporate information, enabling shareholders, board directors, CEOs, CFOs, corporate secretaries, lawyers, auditors, investor relations, members, and third party providers to take advantage of a hosted application for corporate governance.

KoreConX provides cross linking functionality to boost corporate transparency and streamline corporate records management. Shareholders have access to investments into companies and associated information and reporting on shares, options, warrants, and loans.

Board members can access organisation’s minute book, schedule meetings, assign tasks, and manage corporate affairs for any organisation in which they hold management positions, including private and public companies, and not-for-profits.

The platform allows corporate secretaries and officers to manage and report confidential information securely, while corporate lawyers can provide legal service visible to everyone within the organisation. KoreConX can also manage user access levels and assign read/write rights.

KoreConX also targets regulated crowdfunding portals and capital markets advisers by allowing compliance teams to screen deals. It features a secure deal room for due diligence and the option to screen regular shareholder reports from companies who have raised capital through crowdfunding portals.

By Kiril V.Kirilov

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