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Datacenters are a huge industry, especially in the age of cloud computing. Managing datacenters is no easy task, however with the list of concerns being nearly endless. Hardware failures, security breaches, traffic overloads, the list of challenges faced by a datacenter is extensive, to say the least. Understandably, many companies face challenges when trying to manage their datacenters, and at times these challenges can be overwhelming.

NodePrime aims to fix that. NodePrime is looking to do something an extremely obvious, and exceptional vital task: give companies a one-stop tool to manage their datacenters. Already available solutions have so far failed to fully meet the aim of developing a tool powerful enough to fully map and manage datacenters, but NodePrime’s new services could change that. You can review their platform overview here.


NodePrime is promising an extraordinary level of power with their services. Using NodePrime, companies will be able monitor all of their machines and virtual services, as well as their containerized applications. Their services will also allow companies to store all of this data in a distributed datastore.

NodePrime has been underdevelopment for awhile, but has been operating in “stealth mode”. In other words, besides a few investors and partners, the public has never really been given the full details on the company. That’s all changing right now.

Already, NodePrime has secured $7 million dollars in seed funding, which is a massive amount of capital for a seed-stage company. Investors include NEA. Menlo Ventures, Ericsson, Formation 8, Crosslink Capital, Initialized Capital, and TEEC Angel Fund.

jamesNodePrime is based out of San Francisco. The company is headed by founder and CEO James Malachowski, who worked for Dell and Cisco before deciding to start up NodePrime. The rest of the staff is filled out by various engineers and business experts with a wide range of experience in the tech industry.

Given the potential market size of the datacenter management field, NodePrime has the potential to emerge as the next “big thing,” so this is definitely a company worth keeping a close eye on.

By Brian Brinker

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