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semYOU, a provider of cloud products and solutions that keep your organization efficient, up to date, and flexible, has recently partnered with an array of companies, and is rumored to be in negotiation with German telecommunications firms, bolstering its status in the cloud-computing sector. Their strong network of preferred providers specializing in hardware, infrastructure (IaaS) and platform (PaaS) ensures clients have access to necessary resources and expert services, interlinked with the private cloud integration and enhanced cloud-service capabilities they provide themselves.


With IT cost savings of up to 70%, the quick and user-friendly setup and management experience couldn’t be more valuable. And the cherry on top is a 1-month free trial.

Tackling the significant issue of security, semYOU allows each cloud to be stored privately and lets clients choose where their data will be kept. By further enabling organizations to take the leap into the cloud risk-free, semYOU’s Cloud-Office provides a high-security environment with apps developed specifically for businesses, delivering anytime access without costly software and hardware investments. The Enterprise APP Store includes products related to collaboration, communication, management, and more – all provided with high flexibility and scalability, and perpetual updates ensure users always have the latest and greatest. The variety of services offered through a user’s personal administration panel enables efficient and personal management with the integrated cloud software solution.

Over 30 cloud-applications for enterprise have been announced this year alone. Aiming to provide a range of apps that cater for every business’ requirements, these new products are suitable for start-ups, mid-sized companies, and enterprise businesses and cover a variety of different sectors. Using the software as a service (SaaS) model, semYOU clients don’t need to download software or use their own hardware resources, but instead log in to their semYOU administration panels and manage their entire cloud-office from there.


Apps including sem. CALENDAR, sem. TASK, and sem. ADDRESSBOOK provide some of the standard features all businesses require, but semYOU’s innovation goes much further. sem. IDEA offers central idea management and helps with the administration of idea campaigns while sem. MIND MAP lets you and your team put your ideas down visually using graphical mind maps stored securely online. sem. ISSUE TRACKER includes incident management for multiple projects allowing efficient management and tracking of errors and incidents, with integrated Wiki functionality, and sem. ABSENCE and sem. HOLIDAY PLANNER help your organization with employee management. Project management couldn’t be easier with sem. KANBAN’s worldwide access, visualized tasks and progress, and shared pin board, and sem. PROJECT TIME, sem. WEEK PLANNING, and sem. WORKBOARD keep your teams motivated and on-track. The breadth of options is astounding, with apps catering to everyday and specialized needs, and as they’re all designed by semYOU, you can be sure of the same high level of quality, usability, and security. Apps are also designed to work together, so you won’t be wasting time building your own bridges.

The fully integrated semYOU system optimizes your business’ performance by taking away non-core IT responsibilities and costs such as server management and individual machine software updating, while adding the benefit of user-friendly anywhere-access which is often particularly challenging to implement and manage on your own. The pay-as-you-go availability of the products and services compliments the flexibility and scalability for better and economical cost management. Included with the apps and secure data storage, semYOU lets you manages your licenses, users, services, and software through a single admin program, and SaaS ensures you only get the software you actually need. semYOU’s flexibility makes international team collaboration simple and straightforward without increasing costs or tying you into long-term data and software management contracts.

Registration is quick and easy – and as mentioned above, you also have access to a free one-month trial to make sure semYOU is right for you. Activating your semYOU account requires some basic information including place of registration, business type, and a few organization contact details. Once you’ve created your user ID, you’re able to choose the apps you wish to test (all offering their own 30-day free trial). Any apps you don’t decide to try right away will be available for a 30-day free trial whenever you’re ready. And that’s it. Once verified via email, you have access to the administration panel and can step right into semYOU’s phenomenal offering; wherever you are, whenever you choose. semYOU’s cloud-office has all the solutions, products, and services you need, with excellent partner offerings, available everywhere.

By Jennifer Klostermann

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